A good directory app is an invaluable tool for Continuing Care Retirement Communities (or CCRC for short). Relationships are incredibly important to a resident’s experience in any assisted living or life plan community. With a directory app, CCRC residents have an easy way to build strong relationships both with staff and with each other. There’s a reason they’re called “communities!”

Here are several ways a directory app can enrich YOUR community!

See residents and staff at a glance

Our directory app can display a member’s picture along with information such as their phone number and apartment number. Residents always know how to get ahold of staff and can put a name to a face!

Settle into your new home quickly

Rather than waiting to catch their neighbors outside gardening or hoping to run across potential friends while eating or in the community center, residents can start familiarizing themselves with their new neighbors right away. Your staff also benefits from immediately being able to see new residents’ faces and names, making them feel welcome immediately.

Use the power of Groups to find fellow hobbyists, services, and more!

The Groups tab is a powerful way for residents to immediately find fellow bridge lovers, fellow residents of their building, fellow veterans, staff, volunteer drivers, or any other designation that would be important to your community. The sky’s the limit when it comes to potential ways to connect!

Find old friends and make new ones

With the ability to immediately see the names and faces of their neighbors, your residents can rekindle old friendships, introduce themselves to people with mutual friends, and so much more. Within the smaller and safer community of your CCRC, friendships are free to flourish.

Accessible to everyone

Your directory is also available online, meaning residents can view it on computers and other devices as well as their smartphone. Many CCRC’s have a kiosk available to all their residents with a touchscreen or computer, enabling them to browse the directory and find out more about neighbors and staff regardless of whatever devices they may personally own.

A directory app makes it easy for residents to build strong relationships both with staff and with each other.

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