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We love our member directory and our customer service team. We think we rock! But we also know we aren’t very objective, so here are some real live customers who have good things to say about us and their Online Member Directory!
Our organization of over 300 members is spread across the United States and Canada. We needed a secure and affordable directory.  Our CTRN member directory is easy to use and keeps us connected in the time between our annual retreats.   Our printed directory is appreciated by members who are not comfortable using a computer.   We continue to find new ways to use the directory and appreciate CTRN’s responsive customer service and upgrades!  
Margi Harrach

Holy Family Institute

The Online Member Directory was the perfect solution for our needs. It is easy to get started, easy to update and members love having the ability to call or email each other from wherever they are.

The pastors especially appreciate the feature to get directions to an address, they use it all the time.

We would highly recommend.

Mary Bullock

The customer service we have encountered over the last two weeks has been outstanding. I feel confident that we chose the right solution for our [organization].
Lauren Sorenson

We love the convenience our new online directory provides to our members, especially the mobile app and user-friendliness of the desktop version.
Lynda Liverpool

You guys are great and so responsive! Aside from the great features of the online directory, your customer service responsiveness has blown me away. We put your directory inside our Member App, needed a couple of tweaks to make it look right, and you guys came through, and in no time at all! Thanks so much!

Kent Rogers

The online directory has been a great help to me. It’s quick and easy to update. A few weeks ago I had a new family join the [organization] at the end of our membership class, and was able to add them to the directory that same afternoon! The staff is friendly and patient to work with and I couldn’t be happier with the service!!
Louie Marsh

Christ Church of the River

“Absolutely amazing program!!! This is exactly what we’ve been searching for. CTRN Online allows us to keep our membership directory up to date in real time. No more carrying around a hard copy with outdated numbers and addresses. The program is so easy to set up and use that even the “less than average” smartphone or tablet user was able to download the app and be up running in just minutes. Everyone is so excited about the features as well. Thank you for the excellent customer service and for delivering a solution that certainly meets our needs.”
Lester Joseph

Just minutes after announcing our directory, I received a rave review from a member of our congregation. I couldn’t ask for more responsive or faithful support than we’ve received from the CTRN support team!

Online Member Directory has been responsive and creative in helping us sort out some fairly specific needs we had. The ideas and suggestions presented were designed to make sure we could provide the best directory information possible for our members.

Mary Romskog

The online directory is an excellent resource for our chapter!  It has been an extremely useful tool for connecting our members and making it easy to get in touch with each other.  I am able to easily locate information about contacting members!  It is easy to update which means our information is always current.

Iota Lambda Omega Chapter

I cannot say enough good things about both the product and the service provided by Online Member Directory. They walked through every step with my staff and have always been there for any questions or follow-up.

The quality and ease of use for this online directory allows me without reservation to give it a huge thumbs up!


Tim Ahlemeyer

The whole experience of working with Online Member Directory has been great. Our [organization] loves the online directory and the app, as both are intuitive and blend into our community so well. The product is exceptional but the customer service is truly exemplary. Any additional questions or needs and they bend over backwards to do whatever is possible to help. Every step of the way, Online Member Directory, has been a partner and I’ve always felt our business is so appreciated. Equally we have appreciated their care and individual attention alongside an excellent and well-received product.


We love this program! From creation to implementation, the customer service has been outstanding, never hesitating to help with each and every situation. Staying connected is important and Online Member Directory makes that not only possible but easy with such a user friendly program!
Corrie Henson

It’s so important for our [organization] family to connect so we can encourage, pray for and show love to one another.  Our directory is a great ministry tool.  We especially like that members can update their own information, and we can update the newcomers and prayer-request groups I’ve created quickly. Continue your great work friends, and thanks for all your help!

D. Corrigan

I have found that the Online Member Directory is a useful resource in many ways. It has become one of my main go-to tools.

Shirley Metcalf

We’ve had our CTRN directory for several years and have enjoyed being able to keep current information available to our members. Learning names and faces is so much easier with this online directory. The app on our smart phones is a WONDERFUL TOOL. All the information we need is with us any time we have our phone.

Jerry Burch

It is a great asset to your league!

Melbourne Men's Golf Assoc.

We have been using CTRN for the past several years and I have nothing but great things to say about it.   I am an admin on our neighborhood directory and liked it so much that we now use it for our golf organization as well.  It is very simple for everyone to use (even our seniors)  and keep information up to date.  Any help I have needed has been immediately addressed. Great service!


Women’s Golf Assoc.

A thousand thank-yous for the online directory for my phone! – You can never know how helpful the phone app has been for me – saved my cookies many a time!

And having addresses linked to a map makes finding an address incredibly easy and so helpful for those of us who are directionally-challenged. One click and no more endless searching!

Margaret Christensen

Our church has been using the Online Member Directory on our website, and the smartphone/tablet app for several years.  We could not be more pleased with the results.

Our congregation has found both products to be user-friendly, and the app, in particular, to be helpful since we live in a large metro area where folks need quick access to phone numbers, addresses, etc.  The tech support has been excellent at every step of the process.

Phil Hunter

Wonderful having the app on my phone, anytime I need an address or number, it’s seconds away. Members can do their own updates easily as they change their emails, phone numbers etc. Our [organization] prints a paper copy too. Delightful!

Pauline S.

The Online Member Directory website and app have been invaluable tools for getting our members connected to each other this year! They also provide the best customer service every step of the way. Not a week goes by that someone doesn’t mention how grateful they are that we brought this tool to our church.
Amy Beno

We are delighted with our directory and the ease of use. Great customer service – Jennifer is a delight to work with.
Jan Strout

We have been using the Online Member Directory now for a few months, and we really like it. We have gotten very good reviews from our members. From the member position, it is a very straight forward and easy to use system, and even has a phone app that works very nicely. As administrator, there are a few things that could be improved on, that would make my job a little easier, but nothing major, and it works well enough just as it is. I researched a fair bit before going with Online Member Directory, and this is in my opinion the best online directory I could find for our [organization]. I’m glad I found it, and so is our staff and congregation. Also, I wish to add that the staff at Online Member Directory has been very helpful and very friendly to work with, in the few instances where I did need help.

Tim Gray

Our [organization] used this and the whole process was excellent and the directory is beautiful and helpful to know our congregation from name to face. I recommend their service to all [organizations].

Scot O.

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