This year teachers face daunting new challenges to connect with their students. Online directories can help schools more than ever.

Schools Face Many Challenges This Year

Students and parents across the nation are grappling with a drastically changed school year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are spending half of the week at school and half at home. Others have been moved to new buildings to accommodate the need for extra space. Many will be tackling their next semester or quarter at home. And for the students at school, the possibility of intermittent quarantines remains.

Last Year Taught Us Many Lessons

In the early days of the pandemic, teachers, parents and students were forced to navigate a complicated and sometimes contradictory labyrinth of lessons, email threads, and websites that didn’t always work as intended.

It was very easy to miss out on important lessons or communications because they were not all kept in one place. Parents and students couldn’t keep track of it all.

Teachers and schools were absolutely commendable in how they adapted to the new, unheard-of challenges of the pandemic. Students and parents rose to the challenge. Everyone should be very proud of what we have achieved up until now.

Using What We Learned

And now that we have had the summer to reflect, it would be nice if there were a way to make things a little easier on everyone this time around!

Schools still need a way to keep everyone together even when we are physically separated. And all of us need a dependable constant in the midst of so much change and upheaval. 

Thankfully, with an online directory, a school can keep in touch with all its teachers, students, and their parents.

Teachers can be sure of having the email and home addresses they need to send their students valuable learning materials. Some even mail each child a letter introducing themselves or offering encouragement! (My own children have been strongly bolstered by such caring letters.)

Students know they can always reach out to a teacher for help.

Parents can feel confident that they have a way to ask teachers for clarification about online courses, new safety guidelines, or schoolwork in general.

Online Directories Keep Schools Communicating

With an online member directory, schools have the ability to list staff, families, committees, and teams as well as individuals, so it’s easy to designate school staff from students and families.

It’s also easier than ever to send group emails, for example to a particular class or to the school as a whole. 

With the FREE mobile directory app that comes included, the school also has the ability to send out group notifications.

These show up like a text message whether the app is open or not and could include: event reminders, weather and closing notices, schedule changes, PTA and volunteer opportunities, student club notifications, and much, much more!

We Can Do This!

In these times when students and teachers may need to change plans and class procedures abruptly, having the ability to easily reach everyone is essential. We hope an online directory can help everyone stay safe, informed and most importantly, united!

We invite you to try our FREE online member directory trial here.

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