Let’s talk about resident directories: The best organizations need a member directory, and your housing complex is no exception.

Directories Build Community

A housing complex isn’t just a group of people living close together, it’s a community. The people in a community need to be there for each other, just as you need to be able to quickly address their needs and concerns. An online resident directory is an invaluable tool for residents and complex administrators alike!

Members of the directory can upload a photo, so neighbors can get to know each other and have a sense of who lives in each unit if they choose. Residents can also choose to have personal and family profiles. Many church communities use a similar online system. Administrators can make different groups for staff, residents and families. They can also organize members in other ways such as by building.

…While Maintaining Privacy

Members (in this case, your residents) control what information they share in the directory. This means they won’t be sharing anything sensitive that they’re uncomfortable with. Entering their preferred contact email or phone number is easy and quick to do.

Great for Retirement Communities Too!

Residents can locate each other by apartment number, connect over shared activities and interests like knitting, Bingo night, and more! A directory is a wonderful way to make new friends and keep track of them.

Easy Communication for Homeowners Associations

Keep residents up to date on rules and community-building events like block parties!

Improved Safety for Residents and Staff

Residents can also volunteer additional information in custom fields. This might include special medical circumstances or the presence of a dog. They could also share the presence of a deaf or special needs resident. Your residents will also have a quick and easy way to contact you with any questions or concerns. 

The better you know your residents, the easier utility and property visits are both for them and for your staff. Having their information is also invaluable in emergency situations.

Site-Wide Announcements Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

In addition to fostering a stronger sense of safety and community, your residential directory is an invaluable tool in making important announcements to all your staff and residents fast. Armed with everyone’s contact information, you can quickly send individual emails or even emails to an entire group or all the members in the directory!

Site-wide or group announcements through the app show up like a text message even if members don’t have the app active. Some of the reasons you might need to send an announcement include: inclement weather, changes to the housing payment schedule, public safety announcements for the area, upcoming maintenance, community events, and more!

With the power of an online directory for your property’s administrators, coupled with the ease and convenience of the directory app for all your members, we look forward to helping you nurture your community going forward!

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