Directory apps can significantly improve your business: an online directory means your business has updated, current information available to all members at any time, anywhere! But that’s not all a directory can do for your organization.

Here are some more benefits of having a business directory app:

Contact members instantly.

Whether you or your employees are in the office or on the go, you can easily get ahold of them through the member directory app. Not only is their contact information at your fingertips for making calls or texts, you also have emailing and messaging capabilities within the app!

Easy for members to use.

If something is easy for people to use, they’ll actually use it! Shelling out for complicated software with a steep learning curve is no help to your company if no one ever uses it. Go with something focused that everyone can understand right out of the box. Churches, athletic teams, and schools use them too, proving you don’t have to be a technology expert.

Invaluable in emergency situations.

This is a big one, especially in today’s unpredictable landscape. Sometimes, employees may need to work from home. Inclement weather emergencies are always a possibility. An online directory is a life-saver in both cases! When the power is out or employee safety and location is unknown, a directory app ensures you can call an employee or even check on them at home.

Information is up-to-date and easily accessible.

Members can update their contact information the second it changes, no matter where they are. The directory app can be accessed by everyone on their mobile device, so there’s never a time you can’t find what you need.

Members choose what to share.

Since members choose what contact and additional information to provide, there’s no risk of sharing information they’re not comfortable with.

Admins are notified of changes and have override abilities.

Not only are Administrators notified of changes in the directory, they also have the ability to override those changes. In addition, they can opt to have 100% control.

Multiple Directory Administrators are allowed.

If your company needs more than one person to act as an Admin for your directory, that’s fine too!

Communicate with group members by email or notification to their mobile device.

You can use the emailing or announcement capabilities within your online directory and it won’t change your subscription rate! Send emails to everyone in a group, or create a directory-wide announcement that will show up like a text notification on their device!

No limit to the number of groups you can create.

You can have a group for every department, every property, or any designation your company needs. The sky is truly the limit.

Information is password protected, encrypted, and safe.

Our directory uses SSL for secure communication. You don’t need to worry about your company’s information getting into the wrong hands.

Directory can be printed for members who don’t have online access.

Finally, if anyone in your company needs a printed copy of the directory, we are happy to create one for you.

Questions about how online directory apps can improve your business? Feel free to contact us or try our full-featured FREE 30 day trial here