There are all sorts of challenges that can come your way when you’re running a business. Member directory apps can help your business adapt.

More People are Out of the Office than Ever These Days

In these days of Covid-19 for example, many employees may need to spend all or some of their time telecommuting. But how do you keep in touch with them all when they’re not in the office? And can you do anything if they experience an internet outage?

Maybe one of your employees is about to receive an important email but you’re not at the office. How do you tell them to go check their email?

Or Maybe You’ve Had This Problem:

Weather notoriously causes problems for everyone, including businesses. When natural disasters like hurricanes or blizzards strike, how do you get in touch with employees and co-workers to make sure they’re safe and find out which of them (if any) are capable of coming in?

Online Directories Are the Solution

An online directory can solve every single one of these issues.

Take the Covid-19 example above. With an online member directory, you have the ability to immediately access your employees’ emails, phone numbers, and other important contact information. You can email them the new safety regulations of your office or make them aware of new government mandates. 

Directories Let You Stay in Touch with a Suddenly At-Home Workforce

Sometimes things that would normally be given to the employee in person, like a bonus, may need to be mailed because of the new circumstances. With a directory, you can easily look up employee addresses.

Internet Outages? No Problem

And best of all, even if there are internet issues and outages, the online member directory app is there to save the day! As long as you or your employees have a working cell phone, the directory is there to provide you with much-needed phone numbers and email addresses so you can stay in touch through a call, text or their email app.

When Time is of the Essence

The same goes for the scenario where both of you are not in the office together, but you need to let your employee know about that time-sensitive email coming their way. With the directory app, you have their phone number at your fingertips. You can give them a call or text so they know what to look for.

Dependable, Rain or Shine

Lastly, for inclement weather issues, an online directory is a real life-saver. Not only can you call people up to ensure they’re safe, but you may end up needing to know their home address as well. One year my boss actually went around giving employees rides in the bad weather! It also might be helpful to know where your employees or co-workers are geographically so you can determine if they’re in the “hazard zone” and need to be checked on right away, or can be expected to take some time in communicating back.

Adapt and Survive!

We’ve spoken here of the benefits of an online directory in helping your business stay connected and rolling through a variety of challenging circumstances. But it doesn’t stop there! Directories can also help churches, schools, athletic teams, and other organizations stay on top of whatever comes at them!

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