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Maybe you like the idea of an Online Member Directory, but aren’t sure what kind of benefits you can expect from using us rather than one our competitors. Let us help!

Pinch Your Pennies

Online Member Directory offers a premium directory at a reasonable price. We also offer a revenue generating feature, which could make your directory FREE to use. Get half the product for twice the price or choose us and get the best for less.

Real-Time All the Time

With Online Member Directory, you have a live online directory updated in real time. Some providers offer an awkward PDF program with old or partial information. With us, your complete directory is up-to-date and online, all the time.

Two is Better Than One

Online Member Directory allows several administrators. Many customers prefer having several administrators working together to keep their directory updated. Our competitors make one person does all the work. With us, a team can share the load!

Mobile and We Mean It

With Online Member Directory, whether on your desktop computer or your mobile device, your entire directory is available to you. While some competitors may say they offer a mobile app, only portions of their directory can be viewed with their mobile device! With us, we’re mobile and we mean it!

Organized by YOU

Online Member Directory allows viewing of families, individual members, groups, and staff, customized to your organizations’s needs. Some companies only allow you to list members & staff. With them, you get generic listing options and a limited directory. With us you get a complete & custom directory.

Try Before You Buy

Online Member Directory does not require you to prepay in order to start a trial directory. Some of our competitors require you to prepay and charge you if you forget to cancel. Forget to cancel with us? We understand and won’t charge you a penny. You only pay when you are certain you want to continue with us.

Safe and Sound

Online Member Directory protects your privacy. Our directory offers multiple sign-in options from which you can choose. We also utilize SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and store your data on multiple secure servers, making sure your information is safe and secure. Some competitors offer basic security features, but we go the extra mile to prioritize your protection.

Member Priviledges

Your directory members can update their profile information & images, even from their mobile devices! Members can also add additional information in “custom fields.” Want administrators to control all changes in your directory? We offer that option as well. With some competitors, only one person can make changes  With us, everyone can get in on the fun!

Live Customer Service

With some competitors, you hear a recorded message when calling for help. At Online Member Directory, a customer service rep answers your call Monday -Friday, 8:00AM -4:00PM CT. With them you watch “how-to” videos and import your own member data. With us, you get personal tours and training, AND we upload your member data for you–at no cost to you!

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