A coaching directory app may be exactly what your current athletic program is missing. Athletic directory apps can help your team in a variety of ways.

In the best of times, getting a bunch of parents and players on the same page can be like herding cats. And unexpected circumstances can be especially rough on your team! Whether you’re handed a list of new safety guidelines that change the number of people who can participate in or watch games, or inclement weather rears its ugly head, it can be a challenge to make sure everyone stays informed about changes in practice and game schedules. Fortunately, athletic member directories are a great tool for keeping in touch with your team!

What an Athletic Directory App Does:

Just as online member directories help schools, churches, and businesses, athletic member directories have a variety of features that enable you to always know how to contact your players, parents and coaches.

If a game gets canceled, coaching directories help you to get ahold of everyone who needs to know. Directories have room for everyone to enter their email, phone number, and home address as well as custom fields for additional information. It’s easy for your players and parents to use, so they will! And they choose what information they put in, so they won’t be sharing anything that makes them uncomfortable.

Great for Kids’ Sports and Casual Sports too!

Sports are such a great way to make new friends and be involved in your community. Whether it’s your child’s tee-ball team or your local group of disc golfers or pickleball, a directory app offers a safe and secure way to keep track of your new friends! Parents can rest easy that they have a safe way to connect with other team parents.

Ways to Communicate

There are a variety of ways to get in touch with everyone at once! You can send out individual and group emails easily through the directory, and the FREE app that comes with it also enables you to send out notifications to everyone. These announcements will come through whether the app is in use or not and look just like the notification for a text message.

In this way, everyone can stay in the loop about schedule changes, volunteer opportunities, game and practice dates, fee deadlines for equipment, fundraisers, and anything else your team needs to know. 

How Will You Use Yours?

The sky’s the limit for how fun you want to make it! Players can stay in touch to offer each other encouragement or to be accountability buddies for practice and training. Coaches and parents can text everyone to get together for online brainstorming sessions about fun team logos or cool fundraiser ideas! You can even use everyone’s information to mail or drop off fundraiser materials or team shirts at home residences if it’s not feasible for everyone to come pick up their things at the same time. 

We know that coaching a team is tough. Sometimes, there might even be bad weather or new guidelines in place for playing and getting together in person. But no matter what Life throws at you, your team can stay strong, united, and on track for another great year!

Feel free to check out our FREE online member directory trial to see what we can do for YOUR team!